Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries

October 06, 2017 0 Comments

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries

We shared this recipe on our Instagram last fall. It's that time of year again, harvesting the last of our Zucchini before winter settles in.  Which made us wonder, why didn't we do a Friday Food Blog on it back then? Better late than never, so here we go!


  • 2 Medium sized Zucchini (cut into wedges)
  • 1c./55g. Bread crumbs (we use Panko or make our own, like we did today)
  • 1/4c./20g. Parmesan Cheese (shredded)
  • 1teaspoon (each) Garlic powder & Oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon (each) Turmeric, Salt & Pepper
  • 2 egg whites

Begin with preheating your oven (and baking sheet) to 425 degrees fahrenheit. 

Since we are making our own bread crumbs today, that is what we will start with.

We tore apart two slices of thin sliced bread and placed it into our food processor.

Pulse it for a minute then lift the lid and scrape the sides. Pulse for another one to two minutes. That's it! 

Place your bread crumbs into a low bowl or platter. Now you will add to the crumbs the Parmesan cheese, and all of your seasonings. Mix it up well and set aside.

Now, into another bowl or platter, crack your eggs and separate the whites. (Don't you just LOVE our egg separator? It was a gift) Once you have your whites , whisk them up a bit and set this bowl aside as well.

Wash your zucchini well since you will not be peeling them. Cut off the ends and discard. Now you want to cut them in half and then cut each half in half and then in quarters until you have your wedges or "fries". 

By now your oven is ready.  Very carefully remove your baking sheet and lightly spray or drizzle some oil over your sheet.

Dip your zucchini into your egg whites, then roll them around in the seasoned bread crumbs and place them on your heated baking sheet. Lay them evenly, not over lapping.

Once you have them all on there, bake them for 10 minutes. After that, check them to see if you want to carefully flip them over. (our oven bakes a little uneven, so instead of flipping them over, we pull our baking sheet out, turn it and place it back in for another 5-8 minutes. That way the front of the baking sheet is now in the back).

That's it! 

Pull them out, place them on a plate and time to serve these delicious, crunchy, full of yumminess fries up for a snack, dinner or hey, even for breakfast! 


This breakdown is for the WHOLE recipe. If you choose to split it in half, just divide the breakdown in half. If three people share it, divide it into thirds etc.

Cal.                   256

Fat                    9.5g.

Carbs               28.5g.

Sugar                7g.

Protein              31.5g.






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