Buff Dudes Mobility Bands

A collection of five different mobility bands varying in size from extra small to extra large.

Whether you’re interested in improving mobility, getting in a killer workout, needing assistance with bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, or adding them to traditional lifts such as squats or bench press; this collection is everything you'll need!

Did we mention you can use them almost anywhere? They’re lightweight, mobile, quiet, and use very minimal space. Mobility Bands are truly a workout super tool!


Size Chart:

BLACK BAND: Width: 13MM, Resistance: 15-30lb

YELLOW BAND: Width: 22MM, Resistance 25-65lb

BLUE BAND: Width: 32MM, Resistance 35-85lb

PURPLE BAND: Width: 63MM, Resistance 65-175lb

ORANGE BAND: Width: 101MM, Resistance 150-250lb

ALLERGEN NOTE: Buff Dudes Mobility Bands are made from 100% Natural Latex Rubber

Additional Note: 25% off our Mobility Band Book or Mobility Band PDF when you purchase them alongside these bands! (Automatically applied when added to cart)

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Deteriorate over time

The larger bands are very heavy duty and don’t stretch much so I’ve only used the smaller bands. Haven’t used them much after having 2 surgeries but have used them a little for shoulder rehab work. I noticed a spot on my yellow band that looked skinny and it also feels softer than rest of the band. I check my other bands and noticed it on black band that I rarely use and attempted to stretch the band and it snapped easily. Trying to stretch the yellow one and it’s going to do the same thing. The bands are deteriorating after a little over a year. Big fan of Buff Dudes but kinda disappointed in these bands.

Janelle Solko
Mobility Bands

The mobility bands are great. I really like the mobility band book too.

Thomas Nickerson
Resistance bands

BUFF Dudes bands is a good quality, heavy duty & reasonable price. Better then paying the high price for the Rogue bands. Enjoy watching watching the dudes workout on youtube.

Nick Hodapp
Broken band

After one week one of the bands broke and apparently cannot or will not be replaced. You should spend your money elsewhere.

Ryan Dawson
Quality Product

These made for a fantastic addition to my home gym budget setup