Buff Dudes Mobility Bands

A collection of five different mobility bands varying in size from extra small to extra large.

Whether you’re interested in improving mobility, getting in a killer workout, needing assistance with bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, or adding them to traditional lifts such as squats or bench press; this collection is everything you'll need!

Did we mention you can use them almost anywhere? They’re lightweight, mobile, quiet, and use very minimal space. Mobility Bands are truly a workout super tool!


Size Chart:

BLACK BAND: Width: 13MM, Resistance: 15-30lb

YELLOW BAND: Width: 22MM, Resistance 25-65lb

BLUE BAND: Width: 32MM, Resistance 35-85lb

PURPLE BAND: Width: 63MM, Resistance 65-175lb

ORANGE BAND: Width: 101MM, Resistance 150-250lb

ALLERGEN NOTE: Buff Dudes Mobility Bands are made from 100% Natural Latex Rubber

Additional Note: 25% off our Mobility Band Book or Mobility Band PDF when you purchase them alongside these bands! (Automatically applied when added to cart)

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Jonathan Loveall
Great for travel

Awesome for travel small and lightweight good throw in the bottom of your carry-on bag to have to work out hotels and waiting at airports just keep the blood circulating also to scratch that workout itch

Lionel Elkins
Great bands

Bought these for the wife and to use as warmups but ended up liking them so much they’re a regular part of my workouts now.

Scott Greenier
Love em, but...

Love the bands. However, the orange one is a bit too heavy for anything. May cut if i can find someone to do it. Also, individual band sales would be nice, at least for previous customers. I notice band colors in your utube videos that are green and red among others. My set did not include those colors. Same resistance wirh different colors? If not for the issues mentioned this would have been 5 stars

William Campbell
Bands giving me another chance to workout

I had major back surgery beginning of the year (March 2022) and unfortunately my back will probably never be the same. Whenever I workout with weights or need to pick up a dumbbell, I end up with a slight-to-moderate back pain. This is post physical therapy.

I started doing more research into bands and found the Buff Dudes thanks to YouTube. These bands have been a lifesaver for me and I am no longer worried about pain anymore when working out, and yet I am still getting a great workout in and getting an amazing pump. Also, these bands are super high quality, and you will not find anything as affordable for the quality in the market—Undersun and Rogue and so much more expensive.

Definitely satisfied with my purchase. Thanks, BDs!

Mark Voss
to buff

The smaller 3 bands are great but the two larger bands are just too big literally. the width makes them hard to grip and at this point more than I need I would have prefered them to be pared down to one half the size on each. Also it seems a big leap from the mid band to these bands. I would like to send them back but you won't accept them back only the whole set so I'll keep them and have them modified. I like the quality and the colors but disappointed overall with the two larger bands.