This is the 204 page PHYSICAL BOOK version of our COOKBOOK. .PDF edition available here.

At 204 pages and featuring over 100+ healthy recipes, this is our biggest book ever! Designed for cooks of all experience levels, our book features full-color photos for every recipe in addition to calories, macronutrients and measurements in both metric and standard!

The Buff Dudes COOKBOOK includes:

  • Our Eating Journey
  • Quick Lessons in Food
  • Buff Dudes Eating Plan
  • How Many Calories Are Right For Me?
  • Recommended Ingredients & Kitchen Utensils
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Snack Recipes
  • And Much, Much More!!

In addition to purchasing the book, please feel free to check out our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/buffdudesfood as we create every recipe in the book ourselves, beginning in 2022.

We hope you enjoy the BUFF DUDES COOKBOOK. Here's to happy cooking (and more importantly, eating)!

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Brendan Muldoon
Happy I Purchased

Very easy to follow, incredibly informative with most used ingredient and cooking tool. Happy I purchased and have recommended to friends who are also starting to take their dieting as serious as they do their gym routine.

Christian Amandus Brandbu
Absolutely awesome

I love it. Graphically it’s beautiful and color strong, just how I like it. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for in the table of contents. I’ve just had it for a few days and I don’t understand how I ever lived without it. It makes everything simpler, but also gives me inspiration to do more, and experiment. It’s basically everything i never knew I wanted.

Maston Thornton
Great cookbook

Great recipes, easy to follow, easy to make, and the food is really good.

Joshua Ferguson
Best Cookbook!

My favorite cookbook that I own! Very well made and professionally designed. These meals will help anyone become BUFF!

Kris Ottinger
The great and easy cookbook

I love that the recipes are kept simple and a good portion of them are fast to make, having the beautiful pictures helps me quickly decide on what to have, plus the calorie and nutrition count makes things simple and I don't have to break out a calculator! Overall killer cookbook and well worth it!