| B.U.F.F. Dudes Dumbbell Only 12 Week Plan ( .PDF ONLY )

Do you only have access to a pair of dumbbells? Then we've got you covered with the Buff Dudes Dumbbell Only .PDF!

At 54 pages the DUMBBELL .PDF is your ultimate dumbbell workout guide.

The Buff Dudes Dumbbell .PDF contains:

  • 12 Week Dumbbell Only Plan split into 4 phases, each 3 weeks long
  • Detailed tutorials with photos for over 75 exercises!

In addition to purchasing the .pdf please feel free to follow us along on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/buffdudes as we go over every section of the book, including exercise tutorials.

We hope you enjoy the DUMBBELL .PDF and good luck on your gym journey!

Note: As this is a digital download there are no refunds on this item.

Customer Reviews

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Phi Bennett
It’s Superb!

I ain’t no buff dude (I am approaching 60 and that boat has sailed but I do enjoy keeping fit and healthy) but this plan given I only have access to a home gym with dumbbells is excellant. I have just finished week 3 of phase 1 and I can feel and see the difference. In truth I can now see some of my abs and if that isn’t worth the cost I dont know what is. I am looking forward to moving on through the phases which look great in the PDF. The additional YouTube videos are a great help and the buff dudes explain the workouts really well and combined with my personal motivation the dumbbell plan really is superb. I would recommend it anyone who would like to follow a set plan. Well presented and worth every cent.
There is no tomorrow, it ain’t a workout but your life. Buy it now and stick to it, trust me you will see the results. Kudos to the dudes! Thank you.

michael kawecki
Back in shape

Everything is explained easy for this 79 year old guy.

Camille Nibungco

| B.U.F.F. Dudes Dumbbell Only 12 Week Plan ( .PDF ONLY )

Joseph Johnson

Loved the program but wished there was variations you can do without a bench

Seth Davis
Great Plan

The plan has been great so far. Very well detailed and the extra pages showing off the exercises are very nice