| B.U.F.F. Dudes Dumbbell Only 12 Week Plan ( .PDF ONLY )

Do you only have access to a pair of dumbbells? Then we've got you covered with the Buff Dudes Dumbbell Only .PDF!

At 54 pages the DUMBBELL .PDF is your ultimate dumbbell workout guide.

The Buff Dudes Dumbbell .PDF contains:

  • 12 Week Dumbbell Only Plan split into 4 phases, each 3 weeks long
  • Detailed tutorials with photos for over 75 exercises!

In addition to purchasing the .pdf please feel free to follow us along on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/buffdudes as we go over every section of the book, including exercise tutorials.

We hope you enjoy the DUMBBELL .PDF and good luck on your gym journey!

Note: As this is a digital download there are no refunds on this item.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews

It’s great and practical- I usually do whatever comes up in mind but this is helping me get more motivated to go to the gym since I know what I’m going to go do

James Sampson
Dumbbell only plan

The workout plan is very well thought out and the YouTube instruction vids are excellent. Great job Buff Dudes!

A program you can (and should) trust

There are a lot of programs out there, but the BD's content is so clearly one that is reliable. They also have the great YouTube channel where they have done videos on each of the workouts in this book. Just this morning I pulled one up to better understand how to do a sumo deadlift, and the video nailed it.

A solid plan….finally!

I ordered the 12 week Dumbbell course first on PDF and looked at it and was very pleased. That lead me to ordering the 12 Week Workout Plan snd once again I was, and am very pleased. So now, having these two programs, I alternate workouts between them as I progress. I am just finishing up week two of both of them. Your teaching methods are no B.S. to the point, totally honest and even quite humorous. You are just regular guys in your videos snd it makes it fun, but totally very challenging. Yes, to follow your program, a person has to work their **** off….and to get through it, a person must really want to be a success. The only additional thing I would like to see is a workout log for the dumbbell program. Feel free to send one to me. Either, or both of these programs will get a person Buff. I am loving them!

Mike Hoggan
Need a routine on trips? This is it!!

I had a multi week vacation which was too long to be off my Buff Dudes workout routine. I have a pair of modular dumbbells and I needed something I could use on the road. This routine has been perfect at campsites and hotels! Definitely recommend, and you don’t need to travel for the gains.