Buff Dudes 3 Day Split Workout

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Buff Dudes 3 Day Split Workout

3 Day Workout Split Routine

Download the printable .pdf of the 3 Day Workout Routine here

Big thanks to B.U.F.F. Dude Timmy from the Netherlands for putting the .pdf together!

DAY 1 – Back & Biceps

Pull-Ups are one of the best exercises that work the entire back and that’s exactly why we are starting off this workout with them. Start in the stretched position and pull your shoulders down and back as you bend the elbows. Get a nice squeeze at the top and slowly let your body down into the start position. 4 sets, and in-between 10 – 15 reps. If you cant complete pull-ups then change the exercise to pull downs.

Under hand bent over rows – this exercise is meant to build thickness in the mid and upper back. With the under hand grip the palms will be supinated and will put more stress on the biceps throughout the motion. 4 sets. 12,10,8,8 reps

Lawn mowers – this movement will focus on the Lats. Focus on the stretch in the starting position, pulling the shoulder back while bending at the elbow to get the complete contraction of the lats. 4 sets. 10 -12 reps

Back extensions – Helping focus on the lower back. Erector spinae muscles as well as the lower lat fibers. Keep the core tight while performing this exercise and as you contract and extend the lower back to pull your body to the straight position, try keeping the tempo slow and controlled. 4 sets. 12 reps.

Incline bench curls – the starting position will be focusing on the stretch and your biceps will have to work harder to contract through the motion due to the angle of the joints. Try to bend only in the elbow joint and keep the shoulders in the neutral  position while you complete this motion. 3 sets. 12 reps.

Preacher bench curls – Helping totally isolate the biceps by making it nearly impossible to use the shoulders to help with the movement. This exercise puts a massive amount of stress on the biceps and will build those guns. Bring the bar low to feel the stretch in the biceps and contract those guns to bring the bar up, get a nice squeeze and slowly let the bar back down. Also, keep the hips back while completing the motion so you cant get any help with the hips or legs. 3 sets. 10 reps.

Hammer rope curls – working on not only the biceps but also the extensors of the forearms, this exercise is a great mass builder for those guns. Start in the stretched position and drag the hands right along the body by flexing the biceps and bending the elbows. Cables are a great way to keep constant tension throughout the full range of motion. 3 sets. 10 reps. 

DAY 2 – Chest & Triceps

Cable iron crosses – This exercise is starting off the workout helping pre-exhaust the chest. Standing upright in line with the cables you adduct the arms to the front of the body squeezing the chest together. This is a isolation exercise so make sure to keep your arms straight and only using the shoulder joint as the lever to perform the movement. 3 sets, 15 reps

Bench press – now that the chest is pre-exhausted, move on to the most well known and best exercise for the chest. This is a major compound movement and will help build the overall chest development. Pyramid up in weight as you decrease the repetitions in this exercise. 4 sets, 15, 12, 10, 8, 8 reps

Incline dumbbell fly w/ close press – Pairing up a isolation exercise (fly) with a compound close grip press. This superset will blast those upper fibers of the chest and will help build those fully developed pecs. Start with the fly, only bending from the shoulder joint and bring the dumbbells all the way together until they touch and immediately go into the close press, squeezing the chest throughout the motion. 4 sets, 10 reps (each)

Single arm dumbbell press – This unilateral exercise will not only help with any asymmetrical problems in the chest but will also utilize the core because of the added stabilization needed throughout the motion. Bring the dumbbell slightly inward squeezing at the top position for added stress in the inner fibers. 4 sets, 10 reps.

Giant set – triceps. Overhand extensions, Underhand extensions, rope extensions – With these three exercises done back to back you will totally blast the three triceps heads into oblivion. Working on the lateral, long, and medial heads completely. Don’t worry if you have to slightly decrease the weight on any one of the exercise to complete the full giant set for the full amount of reps. 4 sets, 10 reps each exercise = 30 reps total for the 4 sets.

cross bench alternating triceps dips – finishing off the workout with one of the best compound movements for those triceps. Add an alternating movement into the exercise and you get a little help with those asymmetrical issues in those triceps. Imagine a upside-down V and follow the lines throughout the motion, starting from either the right or left side first. If you want some added weight to the exercise, drop a plate or dumbbell in your lap. 4 sets, 20 reps (10 reps each side) 

DAY 3 – Legs, Shoulders & Abs

SQUATS – Starting off this workout is the squats. Considered the best exercise for the legs, this will involve over 250 muscles in the body and require a massive amount of energy to perform. Keep the core tight and always push through the heels while keeping the back straight. 6 sets. 20 (warmup set), 15, 12, 10, 8, 8 reps.

ROMANIAN DEADLIFTS – This exercise isolates the hamstrings but will involve many different muscles to perform such as the glutes, upper back, core, forearms (grip strength). Make sure you work on the flexion and extension of the hips throughout this motion while keeping your shoulder blades pinched tight and the back straight. 5 sets. 12 reps.

WALKING LUNGES – Working the quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, with many other muscle groups, this is another essential compound movement that should be a staple in your workout regimen. With added weight and the acceleration and deceleration of your mass through the motion, this will require a large amount of energy. Stepping from heel to toe and pushing through the heel to the top position, keep your shoulders pinched back and flexed while keeping your core tight and chest up. 4 sets. 12 steps per set.

OVERHEAD PRESS – Starting off shoulders with this major compound movement is the overhead press. Working all three heads of the deltoids with triceps being a secondary muscle group, but it will also work that core because of the raised center of gravity at the top position. Keep your hand grip just about shoulder width and lock the knees. As you press to the top position, squeeze the traps at the top and slowly let the weight back down. 5 sets. 15, 12, 10, 8, 8.

LYING SIDE LATERAL RAISE – Isolating the lateral head of the deltoids. Being that the lateral head is not really a secondary muscle group in any major lifts, its always a good idea to pay extra attention to this muscle group. Lying on a incline bench that is close to a 45 degree angle on your side, start with the dumbbell at your side or slightly below, pull with the pinkie while flexing the shoulder and stopping just short of vertical to the floor. 4 sets. 12 reps.


STEERING WHEELS – Working on an isometric contraction that helps with overall strength and definition. Keep your arms straight and parallel with the floor while turning from left to right or visa versa at a modest pace. Keep the motion up for 30 seconds with the desired weight. 4 sets. 30 seconds.

SHRUGS – Isolating the traps by slowly raising the shoulders as if you’re going to touch the ears. Keep the pace slow and controlled and squeeze the traps at the top position and then slowly let the shoulder drop to the bottom position. 4 sets. 12 reps.

STANDING CALF RAISES – Focus on getting the full range of motion, from the total stretch position with the heels down, slowly flex the calf muscles and raise the heels up while you flex and squeeze. The pace of this exercise is key. Keep it slow and controlled through the full range of motion. 4 sets. 15 reps.

HANGING LEG RAISE – Putting extra stress on the lower fibers of the abdominal muscles. Work on the flexion of the spine and rotation of the hips while you crunch the lower half of the body upward. Focus on breathing through the motion, exhaling at the top position while flexing the abs. 3 sets. 20 reps.

CABLE TWISTS – Working on the transverse abdominal. Keep the hips solid with a wide stance and start with the shoulders facing the cable machine and contract the abs to twist the upper half of the body away from the cable. The arms will be slightly bent and located about the midline of the body through the motion. 3 sets. 15 reps.

AB MACHINE CRUNCH – This is going to totally isolate the abs and is useful for building the size and strength of the abdominal muscles. Take a deep breath and start to exhale will contracting the abs and while returning to the top position inhale. Repeat with no stops between reps. 4 sets. 10 reps.

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